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Buy Harpic Cleaning Gel Assorted 725 ml at Here, you’ll find all the top toilet and bathroom cleaning supplies. Keep your bathroom and toilet sanitary throughout the day. Our selection of cleaning supplies will keep them gleaming and clean. Harpic is an acronym for purity, cleanliness, and security. This captures the spirit and personality of this brand, which has touched countless homes and families for almost a century. Cleaning with Harpic gel is like having an extra hand in the house. An inexpensive extra hand that works nonstop and is effective. This is due to the fact that it keeps your toilet bowls, cisterns, and sinks reflective and sparkling. Harpic kills 99% of germs when used as a disinfectant toilet cleaner. It also removes stains and whitens ceramic or tiled surfaces. Because of its special formula, which includes bleach for maximum shine, your toilet will be thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, and polished. Harry Pickup created the first toilet cleaner (hence the origin of the name Harpic). Reckitt-Benickiser later rebranded it as Harpic in the 1920s. It has butyl oleylamine, butyric acid, and other chemicals in an aqueous solution with 10% hydrochloric acid as the active component. So use harpic to add some glitz to your house today. Nobody likes to clean the bathroom, but it has to be done. And the task becomes much simpler and more bearable with a strong toilet cleaner that offers a deep clean. To keep the toilet clean, smelling good, and hygienic for your use, you need the best toilet cleaner for stains that also disinfects. Apply the toilet cleaner to the entire toilet bowl, including the area under the rim, and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, scrub with a toilet brush before flushing if you want a spotlessly clean toilet. Regular cleaning gets rid of limescale and 99.9% of bacteria and germs. Although they typically come in liquid, thick gel, powder, or spray form, most toilet cleaners function in the same way. Your toilet needs to be cleaned frequently to stop the spread of viruses. The toilet bowl, toilet rim, WC, and even the toilet seat need to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. It will have more cleaning power to reduce the amount of scrubbing you need to do if you purchase a toilet cleaner that contains bleach; this type is one of the strongest toilet bowl cleaners for tough stains. This is the best place to look for toilet cleaner at the lowest price in Nigeria. If you don’t know where to buy Harpic Cleaning Gel Assorted 725 ml It may also be worthwhile to conduct a search for best choice supermarket, best stop supermarket, best supermarket in Lagos, best value supermarket, closest supermarket to me, complete kitchen utensil set, how to save at the supermarket, online supermarket, supermarket delivery Lagos, supermarket delivery near me, supermarket home delivery, supermarket in Lagos, supermarket in Nigeria. The answer is: not much if you buy from is the perfect site for shopping because it always has low prices and huge discounts. You can order online and get same day delivery in Lagos.


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