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This 200AH battery is a deep cycled sealed maintenance-free battery designed for inverters, telecommunication and other applications involving battery back-up need that involve continuous charging and discharging.

To keep your inverter as well as business up and running?,? you need this 200 AMP Battery to convert the direct current to alternating current which set the output voltage in 200 amp?? that meets the specification of your household appliances???.?? Power is stored in this battery as it is designed to store rechargeable current and provides a flow of power to your inverter when there is no public power supply available???.??? This Mercury battery is 200AH 12V???.??? It is also a lead acid battery???,??? what this means is that it will use a reversible chemical reaction to store its energy???.??? It uses lead plates in a solution of sulphuric acid which generates electric energy???.??? This electric energy is then used to power the inverter?? which offers you stable light to enjoy all through the day?.???

The Mercury battery is the best method to provide alternative power for a limited period?? as it typically takes some hours to recharge???.??? Here are some of the reason why the battery is best for you???;? it has a low maintenance cost and it is not expensive to buy?? unlike running your home with a generator???,??? the inverter operation is so quiet?? and? there will be ?no form of noise pollution???.??? Another important thing is that this battery has exceptional charge retention and recovering ability and also environmental friendly?.??? It has the ability to withstand overcharge?,? discharge efficiently and?? is not affected by shocks and vibration???.??? The battery can last for many years of continuous use before needing replacement???? which?? makes it a good choice as a back?-up power provider???



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